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Why we develop PET BALL LAUNCHER?

People have set up a variety of training subjects and corresponding training equipment for pets, especially dogs. One of the training subjects is the ability of pets to capture moving objects. The original method is to throw objects by hand, such as throwing UFOs for the dog to catch, so as to improve the dog's running ability and flexibility. This kind of throwing object should be directly touched by hands. The throwing object is extremely unsanitary due to being held by pets and contacting with soil, which is harmful to human health.
An existing throwing device is a catapult, which can eject a ball the size of a tennis ball and be quickly chased back by a pet. This device has the following defects: first, the user must bend down to pick up the ball every time, which is very inconvenient for the elderly, and it is still easy to touch the ball repeatedly held by the pet with his hand, which has hidden dangers; Second, the rubber band is easy to age, or accidentally bitten by a pet, and suddenly breaks during use, injuring the user; Third, the catapult has a large bow frame, which is inconvenient to carry; Fourth, if the user uses hard objects such as stones for ejection, it is very likely to cause harm to others.
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