author: karve
Now wireless keyfinder get more popular:
if life, you always cannot find somthing ,such as keys, bags, phones, luggage, and wallet?

when you use it, you can  put it anywhere and ways to find your objects,  our keyfinder working distance is 15-30m, it is different from old 5m-10m.

Bluetooth technology scheme is mature with low power consumption and long endurance.
The basic functions are one click search, disconnection reminder alarm, intelligent disturbance free mode, and breakpoint location record query. It needs to be used in combination with smart phone app.
Bluetooth anti loss device and intelligent anti loss device. With them, it is no longer easy to lose things. It is more convenient to find things

Our some products with Keyfinder:

we have various wireless keyfinder, abs plastic, metal material, big size, small size.

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