Car goodies - magnetic wireless car charger

author: Uyee
Karve Factory would like to recommend:
Product name: Magnetic Wireless car charger
Introduction: The new model SP4540-02 magnetic wireless car charger is the highlight of the product. Strong suction stability, built-in strong magnetic magnet, no matter how bumpy the road, such as sudden brakes, speed bumps, slopes are stable.
2. Intelligent heat dissipation, low temperature fast charge, bottom air outlet, ventilation convection heat dissipation, full low temperature charging, intelligent chip, fast charge does not hurt the phone, security upgrade, multiple protection, FOD induction, charging safer -FOD foreign body detection, intelligent identification of other metals, charging safer.
3. Universal steering ball, 360 degree rotation, arbitrary adjustment of view Angle, easy to operate, to meet various viewing angles.
4. Installation position: It can be fixed in the air outlet of the central control of the car through the fixed clip.
Detailed data are shown in the figure below: