What is the Advantage of GaN Chargers?

gallium nitride charger

What is GaN Charger?
GaN stands for Gallium Nitride
,Gallium Nitride is a semiconductor material that rose to prominence in the 1990s.

gallium nitride charger

General Speaking, GaN Charge is a charger which as physically smaller,high effieiency and runner cooler than current,is modern alternative to silicon.
This is because gallium nitride chargers don’t require as many components as silicon chargers. The material is able to conduct far higher voltages over time than silicon.
GaN chargers are not only more efficient at transferring current, but also means less energy is lost to heat. So, more energy goes to whatever you’re trying to charge.
When components are more efficient at passing energy to your devices, you generally require less of them.

Why you need GaN Charger?

More efficient charger means less energy waste.

GaN technology will be the trend of future electronic products, will soon be applied to more charging equipment, has higher charging efficiency, which can charge laptop more faster & safe.
  • Better performance
  • High frequency
  • High efficiency,Faster 
  • Less Resistance
  • Lower cost

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gallium nitride charger
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gallium nitride charger
gallium nitride charger

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gallium nitride charger

gallium nitride charger