What is Wireless Charging?

author: Karve

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging means, as the name suggests, you no longer need to plug a cable into your smartphone to charge it.

Simply placing it face up on a special mat or tabletop is enough to start charging up your smartphone’s battery

What Are the Benefits of Wireless Charging?

The first benefit of wireless charger is very convenient.

Another benefit is that some wireless chargers can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Do Wireless Chargers Work on All Phones?

No, Wireless Chargers only work with compatible devices.

So always make sure you smartphone that supports wireless charging before you make a purchase.

What’s ‘Qi’ Wireless Charging?

The word Qi  Pronounced "chee," Qi is a Chinese word that traditionally means "life force" or "energy flow."

An appropriate name for something that gives "life" to your electronic devices.

Most smartphone manufacturers prefer it — including Apple. 

Is my phone Qi enabled?

To find out if your smartphone is Qi enabled, look up its hardware specifications.

You can check the device's users manual, if you have it. You can also find tech specs on the manufacturer's website.

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