How to choose a Magnetic Wireless Charger for Phones?

author: Karve
There are a few important points to keep in mind before buying a Magnetic Wireless Charger:
  • Wattage
You must know the power you need. 

Wireless charging starts at 5W and can go up to 15W. Most iPhone and Android phones support 5W to 10W power for a speedy charge. 

iPhones are designed for a maximum of 7.5W speed and Samsung phones for 9W;
  • Qi Charging
There are a few different Wireless Charging Standards. Ensure that you get “Qi” which's pronounced as “Chee” as it's the most widely used standard. 

Sure the charger and your device should have the same system;
  • Size & Format
There are many different styles and sizes of Wireless Chargers phones. 

Some are flat,some are big and some are angled. 

If you're going to put it on a desk or in a car,get an angled charger so you can easily set it up and see the screen. 

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