How to Choose Power Bank?

author: Karve
How to Choose A Power Bank?

Knowing how to choose a power bank is very important for your convenience & safety. So today Let us check it:
  •  Capacity
The capacity of a power bank is described in mAh,and this is the most important point to pay attention to;

Depending on the devices you need to charge,you might need more or less capacity.
  • Available Ports
The ports that are available on your power bank will affect the convenience of the unit and how often you use it;

If you're someone who like travels with friends or family, you'll surely need a power bank with multiple ports so that you can charge a few devices at one time.
  •  Size and Weight
The more lightweight,the more convenient.
  • Charging Speed
A quality power bank will have one or two ports equipped with Quick Charge 3.0 or higher normally.
  • Anti-Slip Coating (Optional)